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Windscreens are a critical component in keeping you safe on the road. Replacing your front windscreen is a task that requires a careful assessment of the damage by an experienced auto glazier. Not all windscreen damage requires windscreen replacement though. Some windscreens may only require a repair, which your auto glazier can recommend once they’ve assessed your glass.

Chips smaller than a 10 cent piece are generally repairable. Larger chips and lengthy cracks require windscreen replacement, as will chips in the line of sight of the driver and along edges and corners. Damage that reduces the structural integrity of your windscreen will require windscreen replacement too.

Most insurance companies will want you to have your windscreen repaired instead of replaced, and this can be viable option depending on the damage incurred. If your windscreen is beyond repair, however, you should know what your insurance company covers and whether or not you’ll have to pay an excess. We can help you understand your options and deal with your insurer directly.

While front windscreen replacement may indeed cost considerably more than repair work, there are times when this is your only option due to safety considerations. The cost of replacing a windscreen depends on the type of vehicle you have and the features that are found on your windscreen. For example, luxury vehicles that have windscreens with numerous features cost more than standard windscreens for economy type vehicles.

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Get a FREE front windscreen replacement quote

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